We have Recital Photos MOVED TO: SUNDAY JUNE 3 in Limington.
Sorry but we have 2 groups of costumes that won’t be in for the 20th.

Many families like to have photographs of their dancers in their Recital
costumes. We like to put our dancer’s group pictures up at the Centre.
You may order photos from our photographer, Scott Rowley. You are not
obligated to buy photos, but we hope whether ordering or not, that you
will be able to come be photographed with your group(s) so that you are
not missing from your class photo(s). Below is a list of times for your
group photos. Single pictures will be taken in the same time slot as the
group pics.

*Scott is available at the end of the day for additional photos. Please
arrange with Vicky prior (207) 209-0758

Sunday: June 3rd with a Baby date of June 10th

12:30 PM Show Biz Kidz
1:00 PM IntroDance & “Rolling in the Deep”
1:30 PM Hip Hop
2:00 PM “You’ll Be in My Heart” duo & Generation Connection
2:30 PM Hoofers & “Phantom”
3:00 PM Jazz / Tap – Becca – Emma “Aquarium”
3:30 PM “Octopuses Garden” Gymnastics
4:00 PM Ballet “Country Garden” one or two groups TBD
4:30 PM Staff (two Photos)

Dancers can wear light make up for photos or not your choice. Check list
to see what is needed for tights and shoes for your routine(s)

If your photo time is impossible, please let me know ASAP so we can try
to adjust to a better one. Thanks, Vicky Lloyd 209-0758

Order forms are available now so are Recital tickets.

Generation Connection Routine will start meeting this coming week. Call
or see me for days and times. THANKS!!!!

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