Theater Classes

Workshops draw out the actor in the student. Curriculum includes improvisation, mime, juggling and theater games that are designed to develop students acting skills and knowledge of the stage.
Musical Theatre
Dance, singing and showmanship are the components that make this class fun!

Dance Classes

For Ages 3, 4 and young 5’s. (Sometimes agreeable to 2 ½ year olds depending upon the individual child.) The class offers a combination of dance, creative movement and gymnastics for pre-school age children. Students learn classroom and social skills along with the joy of movement. This is a 45-minute class.
Combo Classes
Combo classes are popular at the Centre and make a nice step up from Intro or a good way to start for the child who is young and not sure what he/she wants to learn. Each combo class is 1 hour (1/2 hr for each art form). Recommended for ages 5-7, or 4, if student has taken IntroDance. (Tap ’n Tumble / Ballet ‘n Tap / Jazz ‘n Tap / Ballet ‘n Gym)
Ballet I / II / III
Technique is the primary focus of the Centre’s ballet classes. We teach a blending of French, Cecchetti and Russian methods of ballet with an emphasis on Cecchetti. With an accent on performance, the soul of Ballet becomes apparent. Classes are 1-1.5 hours depending on level.
A step beyond means going “en Pointe”. When a student reaches sufficient age, technique and development the teacher will discuss the advancement with the student and parent before taking that step.
Beginner through Advanced levels are offered for adults and children. The Centre’s tap classes are a great blend of both jazz and show techniques plus our own instructors’ styles.
Hip Hop
The Centre’s Hip-Hop classes are a blending of urban street dance styles including Breaking, Popping, Locking, Krumping, and House. Students will learn the history of the Hip Hop culture, and will be given the opportunity to participate in at least one Hip Hop Jam each year. Recommended ages 5 and up.
The graceful, expressive form of jazz resembling Modern Dance, really works on the use of dancer’s torso and interpretation of music or theme. Ages 7 and up.
Strictly an American dance form, Jazz dance has stolen from every dance style to create the Jazz dance that we know today. Because of its roots, there are many styles within the jazz curriculum. The Centre’s jazz program incorporates all styles of Jazz dance while keeping up with the current trends.
Ballroom / Swing
Partner dancing – Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Tango, Cha Cha and more – but no – you don’t have to bring a partner. Group and Private classes are offered. Ask for our Ballroom brochure. Expanding Ballroom program. Speak with Vicky for more info!
Gymnastics class consists of stretching and strengthening with floor (mat) and balance beam work. Technique, form and safety are the basis for the Centre’s gymnastics classes. Recommended minimum age is 5.
Competition Dance Company team is an opportunity for the serious minded dance student to improve performance skills and to participate in regional and national dance conventions. Students are placed in Junior, Intermediate, or Senior Company at the discretion of the director, Vicky Lloyd.
Repertory Classes
Intermediate and advanced classes in Ballet , Jazz, Tap and Lyric with the emphasis on performance material.

Private Lessons

We highly recommend group lessons for most of your training. Private lessons are appropriate for specific situations and are offered on a limited basis. For more information, speak with Director or Instructor.

Advancement Opportunities

The Centre of Movement Competition Team provides an opportunity for the serious dance student to grow in performance skills. The team travels to Regional and National Dance competitions and workshops with Master teachers. Travel to Master Classes is available to intermediate and advanced students as well as team members. Students also have the opportunity upon reaching certain ability and interest levels to participate as a class demonstrator or teacher’s assistant and eventually train to be a teacher. Students are also encouraged to choreograph, direct, and develop and use other related talents.

Performance Opportunities

  • Cookie Parties: Student choreographies and family social
  • Dress Rehearsal and Recital
  • “STARS”: Nursing Home & Festival Volunteer Performers
  • Happy Hoofers: Tap Dance Company, by audition or invitation.
  • Competition Team