All students are required to wear proper dance attire and dance shoes. Hair should be neatly tied back. All Ballet and Pointe dancers are required to wear a bun. We have a “two-shoe policy” here at the Centre: Outdoor shoes are not worn on the dance floor, and dance shoes are not worn outdoors.

  • Ballet & Pointe – Leotard and Tights. Ballet shoes or pointe shoes.
  • Lyrical & Contemporary – Leotard and Tights. Dance shorts are optional. Lyric shoes or barefoot.
  • Tap – Any dancewear. No street clothes. Tap shoes
  • Jazz & Musical Theater – Leotard and tights. Dance shorts and/or fun dancewear is optional. Jazz shoes. Character Shoes may be required for Musical Theater.
  • Hip Hop – Baggy clothes (i.e. sweatpants, muscle tanks, baseball tees). Sneakers-any style but must be used strictly for dance class. Hats and knee pads are suggested, but not required.
  • IntroDance – Leotard and tights. Tutu or dance skirt is optional. Leather Ballet shoes.
  • Gymnastics – Leotard and tights or shorts. Must be able to be barefoot. Boys must wear a snug fitting t-shirt or tank.
  • Ballroom – Comfortable clothing. Ideally, smooth soled shoes, but any style is welcome, but must be used strictly for dance class.
  • Stretch Class – Any dancewear. Must be able to be barefoot.


We make every effort possible not to cancel classes. If a cancellation is necessary due to inclement weather, we will get in touch with Channels 6, 8, and 13. REMEMBER to listen and look for Centre of Movement Gorham and Limington. (Cancellations for “Dance Studio in Gorham” is not us!) We will do our best to put cancellations on our website and Facebook page. Also, since our students live near and far, weather conditions may be different at home than at the Centre. If you are traveling far, please use your best judgement. Make up times are available for classes missed. Please call if you have questions.

Ms. Vicky’s Cell: (207) 209-0758


While not a perfect method, Handouts are our main form of communication. Parents should check with their dancers regarding handouts received in class. All handouts will be posted in the studio along with updates. Please come and check in regularly.


Class placement is made at the Director’s discretion. Entire classes do not advance to the next level as a whole.


  • Students and families are expected to respect the studio and its tidiness. Please be responsible for your own water bottles, candy wrappers, diapers, food and trash.
  • No street shoes, gum, food or drink is allowed in the dance space at any time.
  • No student should leave the building without permission.
  • Please be courteous of the classes that are meeting before and after you and respect other dancers’ personal property.
  • Please remember that excessive absences are a distraction to the entire class as they attempt to learn choreography around missing students. If your child is ill or injured but able to at least come watch the class, it will minimize the disruption. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND CLASS, please notify the Instructor by leaving a message at the studio.